The director supported his Man of Steel.

At the end of last week, fans of the DC Expanded Universe were faced with an extremely unexpected announcement. Instead of the long-promised Man of Steel 2, Warner Bros. decided to relaunch Superman by appointing JJ Abrams as producer. Despite the fact that no official comments were made about the plot, many authoritative media outlets believe that a dark-skinned character may be at the center of the narration of the future reboot, i.e. Henry Cavill probably won’t be called.

The news quickly caused a great stir, and, of course, the former curator of the expanded DC Universe Zach Snyder could not pass by such a loud message. While promoting the Justice League director’s cut for the IGN Fan Fest remote convention, in the wake of the news described above, the filmmaker called Cavill on his Vero social network “our Superman”, thereby supporting the artist he had personally chosen.

Despite the fact that the return of Cavill to the DC blockbusters has not yet been finally given up, the artist will definitely not appear in the next new Warner comics; on March 18, it will be seen in Snyder’s extended four-hour crossover, which will be released exclusively on the HBO Max streaming service.