Up to -50% posted for both services!

Discounts for students are common on the subscriptions side. A way to rally these future buyers without ruining them to take advantage of their entry into the workforce to switch to a normal rate: an investment in the long term, roughly speaking. This policy, YouTube has decided to adopt it through its two new services, YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. Students can now benefit from a discount on the price of a subscription in the manner of a Deezer or Spotify. What to glean users in an already highly competitive market on which Google launched rather late!

YouTube sees the long term

By investing on the side of the students, YouTube knows that the results will be seen in the long term for both services. Services that, in a highly competitive market, seems to have a hard time convincing subscribers of existing platforms like Deezer, Apple Music etc. On YouTube Music, a music streaming service, the price of the subscription for students is 4.99 dollars against 9.99 euros for a full rate.

For YouTube Premium, it will take 6.99 dollars for students against 12.99 euros for the full price. Suffice to say that on both sides, the 50% discount can quickly convince a student with little income to invest on the side of YouTube services.

You will also have noticed that the prices are in dollars. Good news: even if these reductions are only happening in the US for the moment, YouTube has assured that other countries, such as France, would benefit. What can help relieve the portfolios of our students!