The body of a woman around 60 years old was found yesterday in a car near the world-famous Niagara Falls on the border of Canada and the United States. A Coast Guard helicopter was deployed to lift the deceased woman from her car and into the water.

Police received a report yesterday that a black car had disappeared completely under water in the Niagara River, just a few dozen meters from the world-famous falls. “Water levels were lowered and with a drone we discovered a body in the driver’s seat,” a police spokesperson said in a statement.

Footage shows the car drifting further and further towards the falls. A US Coast Guard diver was flown by helicopter to the car in the fast-flowing water, where the woman was already dead.

It is not yet clear how the car ended up in the water. The police have launched an investigation into the cause. A local reporter took to Twitter to report on the unsuccessful rescue attempt, as seen here: