Driver Lewis Hamilton has allowed Will Smith to drive in his car in the parade before Abu Dhabi’s Grand Prix. In the parade mostly only drivers of the race, but Smith was a guest at the Mercedes bosses and was allowed to join Hamilton.

“This is fantastic,” he told Rosanna Tennant of the F1. “Lewis and I have been talking about this for five years since the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo, that was the first time I ever came and I’m just speechless, I love this, this is so exciting.”

“This is a special honor for me, I have taken off my bucket list again, and this year I turned 50 and I have decided that I will do everything I want to do.”



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Damn It, @lewishamilton! Look what you made me do?!?! I JUST WANTED TO DRIVE 📹: @michaelbay

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Smith’s ride in the parade came after the actor together with filmmaker Michael Bay made a video of himself in which he ‘kidnaps’ Hamilton so that he could take over the race. “You are black, I am black … no one will see the difference …” he said in a video on Instagram.

Smith was in September 50 and he celebrated with bungee jumping from a helicopter over the Grand Canyon. He also asked his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith to jump off an airplane and he ran a marathon in Cuba earlier this month.