The actor is encouraging his fans of more than 50 years to perform preventive colonoscopies.

Will Smith is encouraging his fans 50 years and older to be attentive to regular colonoscopies, after he had a precancerous growth removed during his first procedure.

The actor agreed to undergo a medical check-up on the advice of his doctor, Dr. Ala Stanford, and decided to document the entire experience for his YouTube video blog.

In the video titled “Vlogged My Colonoscopy,” Will mocks the hospital gown he must wear for the routine exam, during which a tube with a small video camera is inserted into the rectum to see the colon for anomalies

After showing that he was prepared for the procedure in a hospital bed in Miami, Florida, the camera is cut, following a stunned Will waking up from the anesthesia exam.

“I have not used many drugs in my life, so these things (medications) work very well for me,” he says as he starts dressing to go home.

Hours after the hospital stay, Will insists he feels “normal” and tells viewers: “We have to improve our health. There is a certain amount of commitment and shame related to health. You just have to do it, man. ”

The clip is then resumed days later when the actor discusses the results of the colonoscopy with Dr. Stanford and discovers that he was at risk of developing cancer.

“Actually there was a polyp there … a precancerous lesion,” says Dr. Stanford. “The gastroenterologist withdrew it and sent it to the laboratory.”

Will was subsequently informed that he should undergo another colonoscopy “in the next two or three years” instead of standard 10 to ensure there are no more growths.