Whoopi Goldberg did not go far from death a few months ago when she had dual pneumonia and sepsis.

The actress of Sister Act had to leave aside the show The View to focus on her health and now that she is restored, she presented her doctors to the viewers on Monday, so they can explain how much the actress is near death.

The respirologist Martin Greenberg revealed that she was “in a deplorable state” when he met her, and her doctor, Jorge Rodriguez, explained that he could “barely understand” a word of what she was saying. when she called him to talk about his symptoms.

“She was out of breath,” he said on the show. She could not breathe. His teeth were chattering. “

Dr. Rodriguez immediately understood that something was wrong and tried to keep the star awake despite his state of exhaustion: “I was afraid that she would not wake up, because you do not know if a person …. when she gives you these clues, is she just really tired, or will she fall down and never become conscious again, “he said. So I wanted her to talk … it was so bad. “

The pulmonologist then considered that his chances of survival were 70% at his first diagnosis.

“She had a high fever, a shortness of breath, a very fast heart rate and low oxygen, which is not a good sign,” said the specialist. The crazy thing is that people do not take pneumonia seriously, but you have to do it. And this idea that we can fight everything will kill you, “he says.

“Inactivity, do nothing, do not check, it will kill you. So forget your ego and say, “Yes, I go to the doctor because I do not feel well.” It’s okay to go to the doctor because you do not feel well.

And the 63-year-old actress explained that her health problems had pushed her to slow down: “I’m not doing half of what I was doing in terms of work,” she said. I slowed down because I do not want to relapse. I never want to do that again. I did not like. This is what happens when you do not take care of yourself. “