In the columns of the JDD this Sunday, September 2, the director Kevin MacDonald returns on the sexual assault that Whitney Houston would have undergone from her cousin when they were teenagers.

Shocking revelations. Next Wednesday, September 5th, the long-awaited documentary will be released on Whitney Houston. On this occasion, its director Kevin MacDonald speaks in the columns of the JDD on newsstands since Sunday, September 2. The filmmaker returns to the alleged sexual assault that the legend of the pop would have suffered from his cousin and that would have traumatized until his death : “Whitney was ashamed,” he says. The only one she has agreed to confide in is her brother Gary, because he has been touched the same way. This trauma has been buried. She never dared to talk about it or confront it.


Dee Dee Warwick , the cousin of Whitney Houston who allegedly caused this sexual assault, died in 2008. Cissy Houston , the artist’s mother, formally denies these allegations. She and Dionne Warwick , Dee Dee’s sister , declare themselves “shocked” by such public accusations: “We can not exaggerate the shock and horror we feel and the difficulty we have in believing that my niece, Dee Dee Warwick (Dionne’s sister) assaulted two of my three children, “ they said in People magazine . For her part, Mary Jones ,Kevin MacDonald for the documentary, said Whitney Houston was deeply traumatized by the sexual violence she was targeted for.