Reese Witherspoon (46) had her big break with the role of Elle Woods in ‘Legally Blonde’. The film is still a true classic and much to the delight of the fans, a third part is also on the way. What the film will be about exactly is not yet known, but what we do know is that it will show similarities with ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. In an interview with ‘USA Today’, Reese says that the makers were inspired by this film.

You wouldn’t say it, because Reese still looks exactly the same, but it has been 20 years since she first took on the role of Elle. The film shows the wealthy and apparently superficial Elle trying to graduate from Harvard Law School in the hopes of winning back her ex-boyfriend. To the great surprise of her teachers and fellow students, Elle turns out to be a real talent and she slowly but surely conquers their hearts.

Legally Blonde 2 featured a similar story, only this time Elle was trying to get into Congress . Although the film made a lot of money, the reviews were not kind. The big question is how the third part will do. According to Reese, the makers have looked at Top Gun: Maverick . “It’s kind of the same, the makers have waited a long time to make another version of this film and I really love the nostalgic bits they put in the film. That has also inspired the makers to do the same with Elle Woods so that there are bits or references in it that meant a lot to the viewers at the time.”