The premiere of the game remake “Aladdin” will take place in a few months, and Disney Studio pleases the audience with new frames and videos. The villain Jafar, the colorful views of Agraba, Jasmine with a tiger, the flying carpet, the dangerous adventures of Aladdin and Jeanne performed by Will Smith’s blue without legs are all in the next trailer for the upcoming Guy Ritchie movie.

In the minute video, fans finally saw the new Genie in action. As soon as Aladdin rubbed the lamp, Will Smith came out of it, processed with the help of visual effects. In the original trailer, viewers can enjoy the familiar intonations and facial expressions of the actor, and how much the genie in the film will look like a cartoon character is not yet clear. In any case, the Russian fans will hear him in the dubbing, and, if lucky, they will involve Alexey Ivaschenko or Valery Solovyov, who dubbed the hero in the animated series.

The genie’s smile did not leave Internet users indifferent, so the network was immediately flooded with new memes and opinions. On Twitter, the character has already been compared with the dad Smurf, who tried alcohol, with the hero Jack Nicholson in The Shining, with blue M & Ms, with Avatar and many others. Most of the fans didn’t like blue Smith, as the makeup and visual treatment seemed not natural enough for them not to cause aversion.