Users value the moving gesture of the uniformed woman and say they are proud.

A video published this Sunday by the Ministry of Defense of Spain captures the moment when a Spanish soldier hugs an Afghan woman who has just arrived in the European country. 

Following the coming to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Spain is helping Afghans flee the country. In total, ” 110 Spanish soldiers participate in the operation to evacuate people in Afghanistan,” according to the Ministry of Defense of the European country. 

This Saturday, a third plane arrived at the Torrejón de Ardoz military air base in Madrid, evacuating 110 people , said the Ministry of Defense of Spain on its Twitter account, where it published a video in which you can see how some of the evacuees “emotionally embrace the personnel of the Armed Forces who receive them in Madrid,” reads the text of the publication. 

Internet users have been moved by the hug that the military gives a newly arrived Afghan woman. Many called the gesture “very exciting” and said they were “proud”. “These hugs are comforting and the most beautiful thing in the world, ” wrote one of the users. 

After the Taliban announced that they control all of Afghanistan, many people rushed to leave the country, worried about their future, with the memory of the adverse circumstances they had to face between 1996 and 2001, the last time the Taliban held power. .