No plot spoilers.

AMC broadcast an exclusive scene from the new season of The Walking Dead, which will be the eleventh season. The video, published on the studio’s social networks, is over four minutes long.

For the first time, fans of the show were shown “sleeping zombies”, which had not previously been met in the project. It turned out that the undead now react to the taste of human blood, like real vampires.

Note that the main characters of The Walkers are still armed only with melee weapons, which means that their confrontation with the dead will last for a long time. The creators of the show even played up the stage with the lack of ammunition in their world. However, then they destroyed the expectations of fans, suddenly armed a couple of characters with machine guns, like in the good old days. There were no major plot spoilers in the excerpt.

The premiere of the new season in the United States will take place this Sunday, August 22. So far, only eight episodes are known, which will be released until October 10.