Helicopters Were deployed To Rescue 169 Americans In Kabul Operation US soldiers briefly left the airport in the Afghan capital Kabul to pick up people who want to be evacuated for fear of the new rulers, the radical Islamic Taliban. The soldiers picked up 169 civilians near the airport, the US Department of Defense reported Friday.

The Pentagon gave no information about the nationalities of the people. US President Joe Biden had previously said that 169 Americans had entered the airport with the help of US troops. The Americans control the airport.

At the same time, reports are coming that Taliban fighters have beaten American civilians. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin calls this unacceptable.

Speaking to lawmakers, Austin said Americans had been “beaten” by the Taliban in Kabul, US media reported. They base themselves on participants in the consultation.

It seems to confirm that the Taliban is taking a tougher stance. Shortly after the seizure of power, they had announced that they would not retaliate after twenty years of fighting the foreign troops in the country.

Taliban launch manhunt for Afghan NATO staff

The New York Times reported Friday, based on a confidential document from the United Nations, that the Taliban are now looking for Afghans who have worked with NATO or Americans.

Images have already been shared in recent days of some jihadists dispersing crowds at the airport: Taliban fighters are also said to be looking there. Afghans who have assisted foreign forces report that their families are facing death threats or arrest.