The US police have arrested the murder suspect who escaped from a prison in the US state of Alabama late last month along with a high-ranking prison officer. During the arrest, the employee took her own life.

38-year-old murder suspect Casey White and 56-year-old Vicky White, who was co-responsible for the guards in prison as deputy director, escaped together . Although the two have the same last name, they are not related.

‘Dangerous man taken off the street’
Police say Casey White has been arrested in Indiana, several hundred miles from where he escaped. “Casey White is under arrest again,” Chief Constable Rick Singleton told reporters. “A dangerous man was taken off the street today.”

His accomplice Vicky White is said to have shot himself during the arrest. She died of her injuries, authorities confirm. Casey is said to have suffered minor injuries during the arrest. Police or bystanders were not injured.

After the escape, police launched a manhunt that was followed by American (and international) media. Last week, officers said they have no idea where the two are.

Tip about hotel
The pair were found after a tip from someone they had seen in a hotel. “This case has been settled in the way we envisioned,” said Chief Constable Singleton.