New sanctions against Chinese companies in the US government’s viewfinder.

The Trump government is still attacking Chinese tech firms. While ZTE saw its seven-year-long sanction lifted by the US after China’s intervention, that Huawei saw its US presence flounder, the two manufacturers are facing a new setback. And for good reason: US government agencies, through the Defense Authorization Act signed by Donald Trump, are no longer allowed to use smartphone ZTE and Huawei. A big blow for the Chinese companies which shows well the mistrust of the United States with regard to the latter – whose second quoted is number three world!

Huawei and ZTE still in the sights of the US government

As a reminder, England has also expressed its suspicion vis-à-vis Huawei while France has mounted a Cerberus Project, revealed by Challenges, to monitor the Chinese. In other words, this new US decision against the firm – in addition to ZTE – is hardly surprising. US government agencies are simply prohibited from using equipment from both manufacturers. A way for the US to limit espionage that the government thinks is victim of the Chinese authorities.

This decision shows the US’s difficult positioning of new technologies against Chinese firms. As a reminder, the US government almost shut down ZTE after very heavy penalties. The latter could only use American technologies for seven years, so Qualcomm chips and Google’s Android OS, for his phones. A revised decision after intervention by the Chinese authorities.