The US Food and Drug Administration said in a report that the Johnson & Johnson anti-corona virus vaccine is “safe and effective” in preventing moderate and severe cases of Covid-19.

The administration confirmed that the single-dose vaccine is 66 percent effective, and is fully compatible with its standards, and more specifically, the vaccine is more than 85 percent effective in preventing severe cases of Covid-19 and preventing admission to hospital and death cases.

And the company that produced the vaccine announced that its vaccine is 66 percent effective, after testing it on 44,000 people in the United States, Brazil and South Africa.

And Johnson & Johnson had provided data on the Coronavirus vaccine to the World Health Organization (WHO), as it seeks to obtain the green light for use in emergency situations.

The company stated that approval to use the vaccine in emergency situations is a prerequisite for the vaccine to join the COVAX monitoring program led by the World Health Organization, and revealed that it has submitted its papers to the United Nations Health Authority.