The North American Air Force Command (NORAD) has announced the success of a “strategic” interception of a group of Russian “T-95” bombers by the fifth-generation American F-22 fighters, near Alaska.

A statement issued by the leadership stated that the F-22 fighters, supported by the K-C 135 135 refueling aircraft and the E-3 early warning and control systems, carried out two interceptions of two groups of Russian bombers who entered last night. , The Alaskan air defense zone.

The command was accompanied with the text of the statement, two pictures showing the “T-95” plane and the moment of its “interception” by the American “F-22” fighter.

Russian and American strategic bombers regularly carry out sorties near the borders of the two countries, without entering into their airspace. ”Fighter aircraft of both countries also take off regularly to implement something like“ intercepting ”these bombers, and this usually does not lead to accidents.