A man (24) killed two people with a rifle in Jacksonville in the US state of Florida. Then he committed suicide. He opened the fire in a restaurant where gamers held a contest.

Nine people were injured by bullets according to the police. The shooter comes from Baltimore. He was in Jacksonville because of the game event. The police did not say anything about the possible motive. According to The Los Angeles Times, the perpetrator himself participated in the tournament but lost. American media reported four deaths in the first instance, but that turned out to be incorrect.


The drama could be heard live for thousands of viewers. The game tournament, where e-athletes competed against each other in the American football game Madden NFL 19, was streamed on Twitch, a website specialized in the live broadcasting of games. Tens of thousands of viewers heard everything happen. As far as we know, the drama was not visible in the picture, the camera turned away just in time.