For example, knowing who is online will be potentially available to users of the social network.

Social networks regularly add new features, some appreciated, others not. In the case of Twitter, two new features are currently being tested by multiple users – while another suggesting accounts to unfollow is also being tested. And these two functions are a new thread in conversations, much clearer, and the ability to know when a user is online. Of course, these tests do not mean that these additions are final. Twitter takes the temperature from its users to know the utility of offering all users these functions.

New features welcome to users

Let’s face it: following a discussion on Twitter is not easy. It is with the aim of making the exchanges simpler that the social network has decided to put in the same place the answers to a precise tweet. An addition that we hope to be adopted by Twitter for more ease in the virtual exchanges that take place on the platform.

The second expected function, which could already be more problematic, is the addition of a function to know when a user is online. An addition that we hope to be disabled in the face of a respect for privacy that tends to disappear on the web. Everyone does not want their friends to see when they are online or not. As previously explained, these functions are tests and may not be added in the next few months.