In recent years, we think a lot about the possibility of the existence of parallel worlds or an alternative reality. Because we have the impression of having passed into another world without even realizing it. A crazy world, where Michael Bay would produce a movie Dora the Explorer .

Yes, it’s a little Kamoulox said like that, but it is actually what is happening. Last May, we announced the start of a live film Dora the Explorer , produced by Michael Bay , with Isabela Moner , discovered in the last Transformers , in the lead role and directed by James Bobin , to whom one must Alice through the looking glass . So, it’s a lot of information to digest at once but we thought there was still a possibility that this is a big joke , made only to test our nerves and our patience.

Well no, it can not be more serious. Even more so because the shooting of the film has just started in Australia in Queensland last Monday. And to celebrate, the production comes directly to broadcast the first image of the actress in the role of Dora . So, for sure, if the color code of his outfit is correct compared to the character drawn, the seasoned eye of the most fussy spectators will see that there are still some minor differences with the original character, since in the film, Dora will be in her 17s .

She should always be accompanied by her monkey Babouche and his best friend Diego in the film which, it is specified for those interested, will normally be released on the screens on August 7, 2019. And as a misfortune never happens alone we are even entitled to a draft synopsis and we prefer to warn you right now, it stings a little eyes.

So, Dora spent the majority of her life exploring the jungle with her parents. She is afraid of nothing, is cut for adventure but today she faces her biggest challenge: high school. There you are …