It seems that Travis Scott (30) has already been warned about the frenzied crowd before his show. According to The New York Times, a local police chief visited the rapper to discuss his concerns.

Panic arose in front of the festival stage of the Astroworld music festival in Houston on Friday. 8 people were killed and 25 injured. At the entrance and at the fences many people fainted. On social media, countless visitors shared messages all day that the situation was unsafe, but that nothing was being done about it. Videos show how festival-goers ask security guards to intervene, but are ignored. There were about 50,000 visitors to the festival.

The New York Times also gained insight into the organization’s contingency plans. The plans would show that the medical service was not well prepared for the scale of the casualties. For example, before the rapper’s performance, there would have been more visitors to medical posts than could be helped.

At least one visitor to Astroworld files a lawsuit against Travis Scott. The man, Manuel Souza, also wants to hold co-organizer ScoreMore and concert organization Live Nation liable for the drama. According to the US website Billboard, Manuel’s lawyer says the disaster was the result of a desire to make a profit “at the expense of the health and safety of concertgoers”.