Travis Scott

Travis Scott (30) will pay the funeral costs of eight people who died at the Astroworld Festival. He also sets up a helpline for people seeking psychological support after the drama that took place at the music festival in Houston he devised.


Last weekend, 25 people, including a 10-year-old boy, were seriously injured. During Travis’s performance, chaos and panic ensued in front of the stage, causing people to be oppressed. Many people fainted in the crowd and a number of festival-goers went into cardiac arrest.

Travis, who says he was not aware of the seriousness of the situation during his performance, wants to offer psychological help to all people involved in the festival disaster. To this end, he is joining forces with the American organization BetterHelp, which offers virtual therapy sessions. The rapper also starts a helpline that people can call to talk about the events of the past weekend.

It is not yet known how the psychological help and telephone line for those involved will be set up. About 50,000 people came to the festival.


At least a dozen people have filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott and the organizers behind the music festival. For example, a festival-goer wants to hold co-organizer ScoreMore and concert organizer Live Nation liable for the drama. According to the US website Billboard, the fan’s lawyer says the disaster was the result of a desire to make a profit “at the expense of the health and safety of concertgoers.”