Travis Scott

The canceled Coachella headliner Travis Scott (30) surprised many visitors to the American festival with an improvised set at an afterparty last weekend. He performed at a party at the Bootsy Bellows club in La Quinta, California, near the Coachella grounds in Indio.

According to TMZ, Scott showed up around 3 a.m. — an hour before closing — and played five songs. He then acted as a DJ for a while before the party was over. The rapper kept his performance small compared to his normal performances.

The 30-year-old rapper was originally slated to headline Coachella but his show was canceled after the Astroworld drama. During his performance at the festival, ten visitors were killed in early November and dozens were injured by crowding on the pitch.

There was also speculation that Travis would join former headliner Kanye West on stage, but when Kanye dropped out in early April, he was no longer expected to perform this weekend.