The number of female main characters in American top films increased in 2019. A study by San Diego State University shows that 40 percent of the most visited films had a female protagonist. Deadline reports Wednesday.

The research was conducted among the hundred best-earning films of 2019 in the United States. In 2018, 31 percent of the main characters were still women.

Apart from the main characters, the proportion of women in the Hollywood top films is considerably lower. Of all the characters who received text, only 34 percent are women.

Representation has long been a hot topic in Hollywood. Critical salary scales between male and female actors were criticized, and film professionals objected in 2016 to the fact that there were hardly any dark-skinned people among Oscar nominees.

At the beginning of January there was already a report that the number of female directors with blockbusters had never been as high as in 2019. With Frozen 2, Jennifer Lee recently achieved the highest yield ever for an animated film.