In a new interview, the actor told some interesting facts about himself.

In an interview with W Magazine, Tom Holland shared a couple of interesting facts from life. For example, the actor told who was his first cinematic love. “Emma Watson from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. She was in this pink dress … It drove me crazy, “admitted Tom.

The actor also said that at the age of 8-9 he tried to get into the production of Romeo and Juliet and auditioned for all roles, including the role of Juliet, but did not get any of them.

Holland also remembered his first appearance in the musical “Billy Elliot” at the London West End Theater. Eleven-year-old Tom played the main role there – a boy who decided to leave boxing for ballet.

“I was 11 and got a job at Billy Elliot. This was my first job. But I didn’t know how to dance. Therefore, I studied with the teacher, he came directly to my school, and we studied during lunch. I was doing rugby at the same time, so dancing ballet in the school gym in tights was not very cool for me. But it paid off in the end, ”said Tom.

Holland previously talked about how he screwed up his audition for Star Wars: the actor auditioned for the role of Finn, who was eventually played by John Boyega. “I remember I already had four or five auditions. And we showed a scene with a lady who was playing a droid. I say, “We need to get back to the ship!” And she says, “Beep, boop-boop, beep-beep.” I couldn’t stop laughing. It was very funny to me. But at the same time, it’s embarrassing, because she tried very hard to portray the droid, or whatever they are called. Of course, they didn’t give me the role, ”the actor said.