Nothing is impossible when “Mission Impossible” is filming on location…  A man was hiking in the Lake District in England when Tom Cruise parachuted from a helicopter and found himself in the middle of the hiking trail Friday, according to The Sun , which posted footage of the stunt. The scene, which is part of the filming of “Mission: Impossible  7”, left  Andras Katica  and his friend  Tutyi  “totally stunned”, according to the article.  

“ I certainly didn’t expect  to run  into Tom Cruise on my hike,” Katica said  . “But he was really nice and offered to have his picture taken.  He looked like he was having a good time, but he was also clearly involved in some serious work for the shoot. “

Cruise, 59, is famous for doing his own stunts.  In August, he was forced to make an emergency helicopter landing in a Warwickshire garden   due to the closure of a nearby airport. “ By the time he parachuted a small crowd had gathered, but Tom showed no sign of nervousness.  It’s obvious he enjoys the thrill of being involved in his own stunts, ” said  Katica  to the media.