Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise celebrated his 60th birthday on Friday evening during an Adele concert in London’s Hyde Park. The actor, who only really turned sixty on Sunday, sat in the VIP room where the staff sang Happy Birthday to him.

The Sun reports that several people have seen the Top Gun actor sing along to Adele’s hits. The singer gave her first major concert in five years on Friday evening. He was one of 65,000 in attendance.

Adele got emotional at the beginning of the concert when she sang her mega hit Hello. “It’s so strange to be in front of an audience again,” Adele said. The singer was supposed to start a series of concerts in Las Vegas in January, but the singer canceled everything a day before the start. She was not happy with the show. Later this year she still wants to start the concert series.

On Sunday, on his birthday itself, Tom was a guest at the Great Britain Grand Prix at Silverstone. There he saw Ferrari’s Spaniard Carlos Sainz take his first Formula 1 victory after an exciting race.