The British anti-terror unit investigates three packets of explosives found on Tuesday in London at Heathrow Airport and London City Airport and Waterloo train station. Presumably there is a link.

The “small improvised explosives” were found in envelopes in A4 format, reports the London police. No one was injured.

Tuesday morning around 9:55 am (local time) the Compass Center on the grounds of Heathrow Airport was evacuated after the discovery of a bomb set, which was then “put to safety”.

Within three hours, two more packages of explosives were found in the British capital. Around 11.40 hours an area around Waterloo was deposited after the discovery of a package. Subsequently, employees had to leave the City Aviation House at London City Airport after the finding of a third package had been reported in the office building.

Specialists are on site to do research, according to the police. Unknown is who is behind the packages. The flight and train traffic simply continues.