The Transformers star managed to make Friday night more enjoyable.

Divorced Transformers star Megan Fox teased the male audience with candid shots in a fantasy bodice. After Fox had an affair with Colson Baker, her name has not left the front pages of newspapers. Only recently, Megan has distributed a dozen different interviews, took part in the filming of the program and starred in candid photo shoots.

One of the last photo shoots literally made the effect of an exploding bomb, because it looked both romantic and sexy at the same time. In the frame, Megan changed several outfits at once, and in the end she marked a picture in a fancy heart-shaped bodice. It seemed a little bit more, and the star’s chest would literally escape from the cup.

Megan herself felt at ease, as clearly evidenced by her look. Fans (especially men) were delighted with what they saw.

“Sex bomb, the best in Hollywood!”, “This is what a man’s dream looks like!”, “Luxurious breasts in hearts! Unreal figure “,” Wow … Erotic provocation! You are a master of transformation – from shy to femme fatale! Brian is probably crying, ”they wrote to her.