The pop icon gave some useful advice to the young musician.

In the new issue of VMAN magazine, two musicians met in a kind of interview – 73-year-old Elton John and 22-year-old Shawn Mendes. The iconic artist advised his young colleague to beware of fame and not let fame turn his head. According to John, he always tried to live on stage in the image of Elton, but did not return to the house, pretending to be a world star. Especially when two children appeared in his marriage with a partner.

John sees an obvious benefit in living in England, because in America, in his opinion, “people idolize the stars” and “put them on pedestals.”

“I think this is a dangerous situation. I’ve seen this happen to many people when they fall into the trap of their own personality and begin to believe that they are invincible. We are just people who play music and entertain others, ”the artist said modestly.

Mendes thanked the musician for his services and admitted that Elton’s example inspires him for future victories.

“You have to have the biggest heart to keep going and give as much love as you give,” emphasized Sean.

During the conversation, Mendes also shared that his soon-to-be-released single with Justin Bieber, Monster, has something to do with the “star fame” issue.