It will consist of three parts of 8 episodes each.

Angela Kang, showrunner for The Walking Dead, shared her thoughts on the show’s upcoming season 11. She stated that it will be the longest in the history of the show.

“We are actively working on Season 11. It will be long and will consist of 24 episodes. Usually we only have 16! I already have a feeling how it might end, but the work on it is still incomplete. We will introduce new communities. Some will act as allies of our heroes, and some as antagonists. The drama we have been building for so long will get the ending: Maggie has returned to us, and she and Negan have a great story that we are working on. For the fans who have been with us all this time, there will be a lot of interesting things in the new season! ” Kang said.

The showrunner also spoke about additional episodes of season 10:

“You will see how your favorite characters cope with rather difficult situations. Some of the upcoming episodes are classic The Walking Dead survival stories on the road. We really enjoy writing such episodes, and quite often fans find answers to their questions about the life of the heroes in them. “

AMC is currently streaming the final episodes of season 10. The second of six planned episodes will air on March 7th. The final season will be split into three parts of 8 episodes each. Season 11A is slated to premiere this summer. “11B” will be released in early 2022, and “11C” – in the fall of 2022.