Washington, DC, police said on Tuesday that security forces arrested more than 300 people for violating a curfew, riots, and robberies during the previous night.

American cities, including Washington, DC, are witnessing ongoing massive protests against the violence of security forces and racism, fueled by the killing of an African American citizen, George Floyd, as a result of a brutal arrest by police officers in Minneapolis on May 25.

This, and the National Guard leadership stated that 18 thousand elements of his forces have been involved so far to deal with the protests in 29 US states, and announced the sending of 1.5 thousand additional elements to the American capital from other states to reinforce the forces deployed in the city.

It also confirmed that no military forces have yet been involved to resolve the protests and deal with the unrest in Washington, noting at the same time that there are units with a high degree of preparedness, outside the circle of Colombia and is ready to intervene.    

In the context, the Ministry of Defense announced raising the level of security alert in the Pentagon and military bases located near the capital, Washington, in light of the ongoing protests.

The Department reported a high level of alert to the forces in charge of protecting its headquarters in the Pentagon building in Virginia and military bases near the Columbia District, which hosts the capital, Washington.