The last few days Nina Dobrev spent in New York, promoting her new series on the channel CBS. This weekend, the paparazzi caught the actress heading for an interview with leading radio station Sirius XM, whom she told about the sitcom “Family.”

The Star of the Vampire Diaries is not sitting in one place. Over the past few years she managed to take part in various projects, both full-length and television. Fans are still hoping that the actress will please their cameo in the series “Heritage”, where they recently mentioned their daughter Helen and Damon. However, Dobrev upset the fans, explaining that she was too busy filming the sitcom Family, which is currently advertising.

Despite the cold weather, Dobrev decided to do without a coat and went to the interview in a tight black and gray striped dress. The star has added the image with sunglasses and graceful boats. She reacted with a smile to the photographers and hurried to sit in the back seat of the car.

The series “Family” tells the story of a young girl Clem, who is going to get married and forget about the past life. The heroine lied to her new family that her father died ten years ago, although he is alive. The inconvenient truth risks to surface, when on the threshold of the house Clem is announced her younger sister. Now the heroine needs to do everything so that her fiance and friends do not know about the lie.