The other day, 23-year-old Klara McGregor wrote a large post on Instagram, where she told what she had to go through. It turned out that a lot of troubles fell on her.

It is not known what prompted her to lay out such a confession, but it follows from it that there is no such problem that would not affect her. There are mental illnesses, drug dependence, violence, and more.

It seems that one problem pulled others along. Due to mental health problems, the girl took drugs for a long time, which eventually stopped helping her. In addition, because of her unstable state, she allowed men to insult her, humiliate her, and allowed an abuse on their part. Clara also mentioned the abortion, which she had to do.

She also thanked those who helped her in the most difficult times. She said that close people helped her out of the protracted period of failure and ill health, as well as therapy and psychoanalysis. Now she has been living without medicine for more than 110 days.

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