Jeff Fowler, producer of the film about Sonic the Hedgehog, said on Twitter that the film’s premiere was postponed for three months.

The transfer is due to the fact that the creators decided to remake the appearance of Sonic after many critics of fans. Initially, the release of the picture was scheduled for November 14, 2019.

Sonic fans expressed their dissatisfaction after Paramount Pictures published a trailer for the movie about the adventures of a popular hero.

In it, Sonic – an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog – is somewhat different from the character of the computer game Sonic the Hedgehog. He became the mascot of the company Sega, is the main character of comics, books, cartoons and anime.

In particular, viewers complained about the hero’s excessively realistic teeth and white fur on the paws instead of the usual white gloves.

In the story, Sonic gets to Earth, where he finds his best friend Tom Wachowski. Together, they intend to save humanity from Dr. Robotnik, who wants to catch Sonic and use his power to seize power over the world.

In the role of the villain Robotnik before the audience appears Jim Carrey, sheriff played by James Mardsen.