Apparently, Ruby Rose wasn’t the show’s main problem.

The second season of “Batwoman” premiered on The CW. Replacing the titular actress Ruby Rose with Javisia Leslie did not help, and the first episode of the returning show showed low ratings.

It was assumed that the TV channel will be able to attract the viewer, since after the shift of the majority of The CW premieres caused by the pandemic, the audience will miss their favorite shows enough. Moreover, Ruby Rose left the project last year, according to rumors, due to a wave of hostility from fans of the Arrow universe. Her successor, actress Javicia Leslie, by contrast, was well received by the fandom. However, she could not keep the audience at the screens. A January 17 episode titled “What Happened to Kate Kane?” only 663 thousand people watched. This is a modest result even in comparison with the ending of the first season, when the series’ ratings fell by more than half. And in 2019, the project debuted with an audience of 1.85 million people.

Probably, it was the replacement of the main actress that led to such a disappointing result. Unlike Kate Kane, played by Rose, Leslie’s character Ryan Wilder is not a DC comic book character. It was created specifically for the series after Rose left. It is possible that the ratings were largely influenced by the lack of a fan base for Leslie’s character.