At least four soldiers were reportedly killed.

Several US servicemen died as a result of the two explosions that occurred this Thursday near the Kabul airport, the Pentagon reports without detailing the exact number of casualties.

“We can confirm that several US service members were killed in today’s complex attack at the Kabul airport. Several others are receiving treatment for injuries. We also know that several Afghans were victims of this heinous attack,” the statement reads .

For its part, Reuters reports, citing its sources, that at least four US soldiers have died. As for the Afghan victims, previously at least 13 dead and 70 wounded were reported.

This Thursday   an explosion was reported outside one of the gates of the Kabul International Airport and shots were heard in the area. The blast was perpetrated by a suicide bomber who was in line with US and British citizens waiting for their evacuation flights, according to preliminary information.

Hours earlier, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby reported  that one explosion occurred in front of the airport gates and the second near a nearby hotel.

According to preliminary information, the attack in front of the airport was perpetrated by a suicide bomber who was in the line of US and British citizens waiting for their evacuation flights.

This morning, British Armed Forces Minister James Heappey  warned  that a “deadly and imminent” attack on Kabul airport could occur in the next few hours and indicated that “the window of opportunity to evacuate people is closing.” .

Previously, the US Embassy in Afghanistan  advised  its citizens not to go to Kabul International Airport at this time. The alert was issued following statements by President Joe Biden and other Administration officials about the threat of attacks on evacuation operations. Meanwhile, thousands of Afghans at risk are having trouble accessing the airport.