So much so that Blizzard will have to sell additional seats!

The organizers of the OverWatch World Cup may have underestimated the popularity of the game, the strong presence of spectators and fans of eSport. And for good reason: barely the tickets for this World Cup put on sale, the wickets were closed, causing frustration buyers past. A new proof that the eSport scene is present in France and that Blizzard might have had to provide additional places. Fortunately, the firm has decided to reopen sales for August 3 at 10am. It will be necessary to be at the rendezvous!

A sporting event awaited by the players


It’s in Paris that one of the stages of the OverWatch World Cup, a very popular Blizzard game, will take place. Between September 21st and 23rd, the group stages will be organized and the spectators will be more than present if we believe the speed at which the places were sold for this world competition. 3000 eSports enthusiasts will be able to attend the Espace Grande Arche in La Défense while, faced with this popularity, Blizzard will simply reopen sales for August 3rd at 10am. If you have not had the chance to get yours, this will be the moment or never.

To compete in the quarter-finals of this World Cup OverWatch, France will face Poland, the Netherlands, England, Italy and Germany. The rest of the competition will be held at the BlizzCon in November. Faced with this tournament of global scale, impossible not to see the sign of the success of the eSport but also the game of Blizzard. The videogame sports scene is getting bigger and soon it will be impossible to ignore the latter – who spoke about the Olympics?