The Oculus Rift shop now has an automatic refund system . On the Steam model, users can obtain a refund of a game for any reason whenever the request is made within two weeks of buying the product and the product has not been used for more than two hours.

Oculus therefore did not need to look very far for these conditions since they are exactly the same that Steam put in place in June 2015, having simplified its initial settlement. The possibility of playing the game a little less than 2 hours before requesting a refund had also raised a debate with regard to the numerous independent titles endowed with a short duration. Moreover, the window of the 14 days and the 2 hours of game only applies to games Oculus Rift. As for Gear VR, the conditions for automatic refund are reduced to 3 days and 30 minutes of play. Note also that if this refund policy applies to games, it does not concern bundles, content integrated purchases and even less films. According to Oculus,