Nintendo announced color for its online gambling service. Free for a while, then an annual paid subscription would be required. It will happen very soon.

Some time ago, Nintendo confirmed that this online service would be launched in September. Today, new announcement, new details. The launch window is shrinking even though no specific date has been revealed: the Nintendo Switch Online will be launched during the second half of September.

The Nintendo Switch Online becomes paid during the month of September

According to Nintendo: ” Please note that owners of Nintendo Switch will not automatically subscribe when the service starts, they will have to buy a subscription, individual or family, to prevent their online game is interrupted on compatible games. “This means that you will be free to continue playing online if you wish, by taking a paid subscription. If not, the online game will be finished for you.

That said, the online service offered by the Nintendo Switch is much cheaper than the one offered by the competition. If you want to test the service, you can pay € 3.99 for a month. The 3 months are offered at 7.99 € and it will cost 19.99 € (only) for one year. If you have more than one Switch, and several Nintendo accounts, the family option remains the most advantageous: € 34.99 with a maximum of 8 accounts for one year.

Very affordable, especially for families

The Nintendo Switch Online is something very new for Big N. Before that, Nintendo had never charged players for playing online. No one knows if it is already planned to increase the rates in the future but for now, the option remains very affordable. If you are interested, know that it is already possible to preorder. All information can be found on the official website .