It’s now more true than ever! The second official trailer of the highly anticipated Pitch Perfect 3 landed on th Internet today and it gives us emotions.

This time we find the Bellas following their victory of the world championship, now graduates and at the crossroads. Gathered once for an overseas acapella competition, they will face new challenges as well as a group that will mix voice and musical instruments.

Our favorites Beca ( Anna Kendrick ), Fat Amy ( Rebel Wilson), Chloe ( Brittany Snow ) are obviously back surrounded by a fabulous cast, but it was their new rival that caught our attention. You can see a Ruby Rose in style and ready to do anything to snatch the Bellas their title of champions.

The trailer of the film, directed by the actress and director Elizabeth Banks, suggests that it will be the last installment of the series, although it has not been confirmed. One feels a certain conclusion in the quest for the glory of the Bellas and the publicity surrounding the film, labeled a very evocative ”  Last Call  “, seem to indicate that it is indeed the end.