The new British King Charles III. addressed the nation and the Commonwealth in a speech for the first time. He thanked his deceased mother – and renewed one of her key promises.

At his first meeting with the newly inaugurated Prime Minister Liz Truss, Charles III. insight into his inner life.The day the Queen died was exactly as he feared, Charles said to the Prime Minister, and he knew that many people felt the same way. But you have to keep going and somehow keep everything going.

Charles is approachableSuch almost private pictures and dialogues at the first meeting of the monarch and the prime minister – this has not been the case in the United Kingdom so far. Charles is approachable in his first hours as king. In the evening, in his first speech as the new regent, he promises to serve the people just as his mother did.Charles bestows the title of Prince of Wales, which he has previously held, on his son William, who is now the next direct heir to the throne. In his speech, which lasted a good nine minutes, Charles also mentioned the love for his son Harry and his wife Meghan, both of whom are building a new life overseas in America.

Personal message to the late QueenAt the end, Charles has a very personal final public tribute to his late mother.
My dear mom, as you embark on your last big journey to be with your beloved, deceased dad again soon, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for your love and devotion to our family and the families of our nations you have served so diligently over the years.
May the angels’ wings carry you to your resting place – a quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, by the way.

Today the official proclamation of Charles III. take place. For one day, the flags, which fly at half-staff in mourning for the Queen, are then raised all the way to honor the new monarch.