Paparazzi of Los Angeles continue to follow Angelina Jolie in the hope of making a couple of new photos of the actress. It is advisable, of course, that these children are also present. And they succeed!

Recently, the network now and then there are fresh pictures of the celebrity – it’s on shopping with her daughters, then on a walk with her sons. This time, the actress was photographed in one of the sushi bars of the city.

For lunch, Jolie went to the company of 14-year-old Pax and 12-year-old Shiloh.

And although in Los Angeles is now warm weather, the actress has bet on trousers and a light cardigan – all the favorite black color.

Well, let again in all black, it looks chic!

– write users of the network

However, discuss not only the appearance of Jolie and the way they grew up with Brad Pitt children. No less talk among the fans of the star is just about her relationship with the ex-husband. They say that Jolie and Pitt secretly met to solve the issue of custody of children – the stars are supposedly ready to end this legal war and agree on everything personally, and not through lawyers, as it was before.