Yesterday, a second season trailer for the series “American Gods” (American Gods), filmed on the novel by English science fiction writer Neil Gaiman, appeared on the network .

I must say that since the release of the first season, the series has gained fame with scandalous fame – and all thanks to too explicit scenes, including those with the participation of characters with unconventional orientation. In this sense, the project is even considered the main rival of the series “Game of Thrones” (the Game of Thrones), whose “American Gods” almost intercepted palm.

In the second season, a serious struggle will unfold between the gods: Shadows (Ricky Whittle) and Mister Wednesday (Ian McShane) will be joined by new characters (Sakina Jaffrey, Orlando Jones, Dean Winters, Bruce Langley, Demore Barnes) – the gods who grew up and Now they want to destroy their elders. But Gillian Anderson will not appear in the second season – the actress left the project.

The war is coming

– says the trailer.

In the second season, the confrontation of the gods will reach its peak, since the destinies of people and gods will constantly be intertwined.

I must say that the show team had some difficulties while working on the second season of the show: its chief executive producers Brian Fuller and Michael Green left the project. Instead, they appointed Jesse Alexander to this position, who soon had some conflicts with colleagues. Nevertheless, the second season was filmed, and how successful it turned out, to judge the audience.

The premiere of the second season of the series will take place on March 10th.