The machine chatted with people, followed the movements of the hands of the most curious with its eyes, took pictures with visitors, and even tried to show them its Tai Chi skills.

The humanoid robot Ameca seems to have fulfilled its media mission during the CES 2022 international technology exhibition  held from January 5 to 8 in the city of Las Vegas (USA). This is clear from an avalanche of videos that are now circulating on networks and show the android capturing the attention of visitors to the event.


In the recordings, Ameca talks to people and answers all kinds of questions. In addition, the machine managed to follow the movements of the hands of the most curious with its eyes, as well as taking photos with visitors or trying to show them their Tai Chi skills, among other skills. “I can make the world a better place , interacting with humans and teaching them some things they don’t know,” says the robot in one of the videos.

“We designed Ameca to resemble human movements as much as possible. Humans are very complex, so making a robot exactly like a human is almost impossible . But if we did, it wouldn’t scare you because you’d assume it’s a human, “said Morgan Roe, operations director of Engineered Arts , in an interview with the AFP agency .



In parallel, he recalled that the creation of his company, presented at the beginning of last December as “the most advanced robot with a human face in the world”, has neither gender, nor race, nor political or religious views, since it is a machine.