The story will be the same as the original version, but instead of comic and colorful 20-minute episodes, the series will feature sixty-minute episodes with a dramatic tone.

The Prince of Bel-Air television series will be the subject of a darker and more dramatic remake, the Hollywood Reporter and Deadline media report .

The idea for this “remake” of the famous soap opera, which will be produced by Will Smith , now a little too old to play the casual teenager, comes from director Morgan Cooper, a big fan of the series, who had – of his own initiative – shot and released a four minute trailer (of a fictional project) last year

A “brilliant” idea, commented Will Smith at the time, who hailed this “dramatic version of the Prince of Bel-Air for the new generation”.

The same pitch

The project is now being developed by Westbrook Studios, the production house of Will Smith, and Universal TV. It is submitted to several streaming platforms, like Netflix.

The pitch will be the same as the original version: a youngster from the harsh neighborhoods of Philadelphia is sent to his uncle and aunt in the upscale Los Angeles suburb of Bel-Air to stay on the right track. But instead of comic and colorful twenty-minute episodes, it would be sixty-minute, dark and dramatic episodes.ON THE SAME SUBJECT

Aired between 1990 and 1996, The Prince of Bel-Air allowed Will Smith, then a young rapper, to become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.