The family of the African-American slain George Floyd called on the United Nations to intervene in the case of his murder by the police, and to make recommendations for law enforcement reform in the United States.

The American television network “CNN” reported today, Monday, Benjamin Cramp, lawyer for the Floyd family: “When the government of a country deprives a group of people who have been living in it for decades of their inalienable right to life, this group should appeal to the international community for support.” It asks the United Nations to intervene. “

Commenting on a message that the Floyd family and their lawyer sent on 3 June to the United Nations team on people of African descent, Crump also said that among other reforms he had requested, ensure that independent trials and autopsies are carried out to determine the exact circumstances of death in each case of an American citizen’s death by the police.

Major protests and riots erupted in many American cities after Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, on the authority of a policeman on May 25.