Denzel Washington is obviously not there to laugh in The Equalizer 2.

In 2014 came out Equalizer, a nice action movie carried by Denzel Washington, whose release was unfortunately for him a little masked by that the same year of a certain John Wick. While the latter has already had his sequel and a third installment will arrive soon, here is finally come a first trailer for The Equalizer 2.

John Wick at Castorama

Still produced by Antoine Fuqua, this suite will be the first of Denzel Washington’s career. The latter will of course always be Robert McCall, a former commando whose new calm life will come to an end when he will decide to save a girl from Russian gangsters. In this new opus, things will not calm down visibly, on the contrary.

On the casting side, there will be the presence of Pedro Pascal ( Narcos ), or the returns of Bill Pullman and Melissa Leo. For the record, the movie The Equalizer is an adaptation of an old series of the same name of CBS.


The Equalizer 2 will arrive at the cinema on August 15th, relatively far from the originally planned end of 2017 which could have once again oppose the film to John Wick 2.

The Equalizer 2 – Official Trailer