Barry Allen faces an old villain.

The Flash’s seventh season has just begun, and The CW has already rushed to whet fans’ interest with a new trailer highlighting the heart of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin).

New footage, presented in the video released the day before, confirms the return of the hero’s longtime enemy – a villain named Abra Kadabra. This enemy from the comics first appeared in the third season of the show and managed to get the Flash team a lot of trouble before he was caught. As a result, he was to be executed on Earth-19, and it will be interesting to see if the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” affected the situation.

True, much more attention in the trailer is paid to show how much Barry inspires other people. At one point, Cecile (Daniel Nicolet) even says, “Sometimes when I’m scared, I ask myself what Flash would do if I was.” Fans will see many fateful decisions of the hero, who, as in every previous season, will face many problems on a physical and emotional level, but this, no doubt, will only make him stronger.

Many superheroes from comics have had enough dashing in their lives, and Flash was no exception. He lost his mother and father early, survived the death of friends, and his beloved Iris West (Candice Patton) is still imprisoned in the trap of the Mirror Universe. Despite all this, Barry remains committed to his cause. He constantly risks his life and inspires others, and in the seventh season of the show comes out of cryogenic sleep with one mission – to stop Eve (Efrat Dor) and save his wife.