Emma Corrin, the actress who plays the role of Diana in the fourth season of The Crown , according to her classmates already looked like the princess. In conversation with Radio Times , she says that jokes were made about the similarity.

According to Corrin, her classmates theorized that she was the daughter of Diana, who had left the royal family to live a normal life.

“I grew up with a lot of love for this woman, just like most of the British people,” said the 24-year-old actress, who can be seen as the princess in the Netflix series from November 15.

Despite her love for Diana, Corrin admits that she has little else for the royal family. The actress does feel sorry for the royal family. “Just look at what happened to Diana. It’s an impossible situation.” Corrin says that she would run if she were asked to marry a member of the royal family.

Diana first appears in season four of The Crown . Corrin only plays her for one season. Actress Elizabeth Debicki, known from The Great Gatsby and Tenet , takes over the role in the fifth and sixth seasons.