Hollywood animator Milton Kwon died at the age of 105 years.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , citing the artist’s son Mike Kwon, he died on June 18 at his home in California from natural causes.

Milton was one of the last surviving artists from the Walt Disney studio. He joined the company in 1939 and initially worked on the De Nutcracker segment of the Fantasia film. After that he was part of the Dumbo animation team. After his service in World War II, Milton returned to Walt Disney Studios, then as head of the publicity department.

Among the most famous works of animator cartoon “Dumbo”. Kwon also starred in the movie “Speed” and the series “Power Rangers.”

At a later age Milton had small roles in film and on television, including in Speed ​​and NYPD Blue. According to his son Mike Quon, however, the animator has continued to draw until his last days.